Word Search Librito: Volume I


Word Search Librito: Volume I

Short Description

The Root book, the begining of them all.

  • English spoken in United States with some slight variations from California.
  • Spanish spoken in Mexico with some slight variations from Jalisco.

Stop there, look no further, introducing Word Search Librito Volume I, your gateway to linguist exploration. Enhance your English and your Spanish vocabulary today! How do you say that in English, wait, how do you say it in Spanish? Is the word on the tip of your tongue? Immerse yourself in 80 engaging puzzles, featuring over 800 English words and their Spanish counterparts. With more than 1600 words total, you will embark on an exhilarating word hunt, spanning countless hours of enjoyment as you uncover the perfect matches. Unlock the solutions to each puzzle at the end of the book, accompanied by a comprehensive word list of every word found in the book.

Stimulate your brain, learn, expand and play today with Word Search Librito Volume I! Connecting communities one palabrita at a time…

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