Word Search Librito: Volume II


Word Search Librito: Volume II

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  • The Sacral book, the second book.
  • ✅ The Adventure Continues with Word Search Librito: Volume II!: Say goodbye to words being stuck at the tip of your tongue. Dive into over 1000 brand-new words in both Spanish and English, building on the content of the previous volume, designed to elevate your bilingual skills like never before.
  • ✅ Keep the Excitement Alive and Your Vocabulary Growing: Grab your copy today and continue the bilingual adventure!
  • ✅ Solutions Included: Flip to the back for answers. We’ve got you covered!
  • ✅ Educational and Fun: Suitable for all ages, making it a great family activity. Boost vocabulary organically as you hunt down hidden words.
  • ✅ Educational and Fun: Suitable for all ages, making it a great family activity. Boost your vocabulary organically as you find both English and Spanish words in each word search puzzle.
  • ✅ Perfect Gift Alert! 🎁: Ideal for cozy evenings, travel, or downtime – wherever words collide! Learn while you play, relax and unwind, and share the fun! 🌟📚
  • English spoken in United States with some slight variations from California.
  • Spanish spoken in Mexico with some slight variations from Jalisco.

Rosy Wellborn is a Spanish Language Part-time Professor at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), where she obtained her Master of Arts (MA) in Spanish Language, Literature and Linguistics, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish and Graduate Professional Certificate in Translation. Her research and interests span cross-cultural communication and Romance languages intercomprehension. She has participated in the week of Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity at CSULB and has collaborated with local Spanish Magazine DIG en Español as a translator and article editor. She has translated over 35 articles from different Romance Languages such as Catalan, Italian, and Portuguese to Spanish which are currently residing in She has experience with media and entertainment translations with published subtitles in museums and in the YouTube media platform. Rosy prides herself of her Mexican roots as she forms part of mentoring programs for Latino graduate students and collaborates with programs like Italian for Spanish speakers at her institution. Currently, she has developed an interest in book translations while maintaining a broad professional curriculum also as a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) staff member.

The next chapter in your journey of language exploration is here: Word Search Librito Volume II. Don’t let those words escape you! We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re searching for the perfect English term or its Spanish equivalent, Word Search Librito Volume II is your ultimate companion. Dive into 80 captivating puzzles, packed with over 800 English words and their Spanish counterparts. That’s right, over 1600 words for you to conquer! Spend countless hours exploring the depths of each puzzle, as you uncover the flawless matches. And fear not, for the solution to each word search await you at the end of the book, accompanied by a comprehensive word list at the end of the book, so you can easily look up any word you come across.

Stimulate your brain, learn, expand and play today with Word Search Librito Volume II! Connecting communities one palabrita at a time…

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